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Zoom: Participate in daily ATI Instructor-led classroom sessions with Zoom!

Zoom online lesson will begin at 9:00 am and maintain the meeting open for student participation. ATI Instructor Zoom Meeting ID will be emailed to you directly.  
We encourage you to create a free Zoom account and download the app to your personal computer, tablet, phone, or laptop. Follow the link below:

The Advanced Technical Institute™ Online Training Learning materials are accessible on any device. The materials are designed to limit the need for printing and allow you to learn independently. You will have access to our Advanced Technical Institute™ Instructors via the Advanced Technical Institute™ School App Forum Messaging System, collaboration sessions, and daily Instructor-led classroom sessions with Zoom, telephone, and text. We encourage you to download Zoom for Windows or iOS and our Advanced Technical Institute™ School App available for Android or Apple phones and tablets, which are available for free. These additional free resources will complement the delivery of our home-study classes.

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Advanced Technical Institute™ is working hand-to-hand with our TANF partners to ensure this vital and essential public financial assistance, employment, job skills, and participation requirements are delivered. As a current TANF participant, you are eligible for free-of-charge training services sponsored and provided by your TANF provider. ​​The first step to obtaining these services is to fill out the registration form below. ​