ATI GED Services
Advanced Technical Institute™ Students Invest in Their Future with a GED®

We are excited to announce the successful GED® passing of the following Advanced Technical Institute™ GED® Participants! For these students, this is just the beginning of greater accomplishments to come. There is pride and deep satisfaction in knowing that because of their hard work, they were able to achieve their goal and obtain their GED. On behalf of the ATI instructional staff, we congratulate them on their success!

1. Mary Recendez - Riverside

2. Fernando Ruiz - Riverside

3. Patrick Ursua - Riverside

4. Gabriel Torres - Riverside

5. George Ramirez - Banning

6. Ralph Perez - Riverside

7. Lena Raya - Riverside

8. Gabriel Lopez - Riverside

9. Omar Amador - San Bernardino

10. Scarlett Valenzuela - San Jacinto

11. Nova Kong - San Bernardino

12. Robert Fierro - Riverside

13. Cecelia Cavanaugh - Riverside

14. Candace McNeal - San Bernardino

15. Sunie Sumner - Banning

16. Michael Carrasco - Banning

17. Richard Torres - Riverside

18. Joanna Camberos - Riverside

19. Hun-Wut Castello - San Jacinto

20. Ashly Gladin - San Bernardino

21. Noelle Robinson - San Bernardino​

22. David Rivera - San Bernardino​

23. Elizabeth Renteria - Temecula

24. Celine Gonzalez - Riverside

25. Vanessa Geddings- Riverside

26. Rosario Saldivar- Riverside

Are you considering a GED®?

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ATI offers a solution to help you quickly and efficiently reach your goal! These classes are the first and most important step to obtaining your GED®. We help you accurately pinpoint your academic strengths and weaknesses. Our tutors are positive, caring, and highly qualified. Our tutors will get to know you, teach you, help you study 1-on-1, and keep lessons fresh and fun. We won't move forward until you have completely mastered each new skill.

About the GED® Test

What types of questions are on the test?

The test is made up of the following types of questions:

  1. ​Multiple choice
  2. Drag and drop
  3. Hot spot (select an area)
  4. Fill in the blank
  5. Short answer
  6. Extended response

What topics are on the test?

GED® Mathematical Reasoning

Quantitative and Algebraic Problem Solving
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● 115 minutes ● 2 parts with a 3-minute break ● does not allow the calculator on Part 1  ●allows you to use a TI-30XS calculator for Part 2 ● gives you an on-screen calculator and allows you to bring in your own TI-30XS calculator● gives you some Math formulas and a calculator reference sheet

GED® Science

Life Science, Physical Science, Earth and Space Science

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● 90 minutes ● has no breaks ● includes 2 short answer questions that take about 10 minutes per question to write ● gives you an on-screen calculator and allows you to bring in your own TI-30XS calculator

GED® Social Studies

Civics and Government, U.S. History, Economics, Geography, and the World

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● 70 minutes ● is 2 parts with no break ● part 2 of the test is one essay that you have 25 minutes to write ●gives you an on-screen calculator and allows you to bring in your own TI-30XS calculator

GED® Reasoning Through Language Arts

Ability to read closely, write clearly, and edit and understand written text

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150 minutes ● consists of 3 sections  ● includes a 10-minute break between sections 2 and 3 ● includes one essay that you have 45 minutes to write

How long will it take?

GED® Ready Practice tests are online only

Reasoning through Language Arts     95 minutes

Mathematical Reasoning                    60 minutes

Science                                               47 minutes

Social Studies                                     33 minutes        

Official GED® Test

Exams can be scheduled in person or proctored online
Reasoning through Language Arts     150 minutes
Mathematical Reasoning                    115 minutes

Science                                               90 minutes

Social Studies                                     70 minutes