ATI Vocational TABE Assessments



The Vocational TABE Assessment is used to measure vocational interest and aptitudes.  The aptitudes measured are Reasoning, Math, and Reading.  The assessment aims to help the TANF participant identify short-term and long-term career goals.  The TANF program is federally funded, and the goal of the program is to assist you in returning to suitable and gainful employment by providing education, career development, and training.  The Advanced Technical Institute is dedicated to helping prepare you for the current labor market.  The Vocational TABE Assessment will assist us in class selection and ensure we provide the necessary tools to succeed.  The goal of Advanced Technical Institute is your success.

The TABE Vocational Assessment is not a test.  The scores are not based on a pass-or-fail grading system.  We will administer a locator test, which indicates what TABE assessment will be administered.  The TABE Assessment measures grade levels from K to 12th grade.  The locator test score determines the assessment you are given.  The Assessments are timed, and you are encouraged to try your best.

The scores measure your grade level in Reading, Math, and Language Mechanics.  If you enroll in our GED classes, the TABE Assessment helps us identify your current grade level, providing you with instruction at your grade level scores.  If your score is above average, we will continue to enhance your aptitude and prepare you to return to work. A grade level score helps us determine how we can provide remedial education and help you improve in areas of weakness. 

The Vocational Interest assessment is an important tool to help you identify vocational careers that are a good fit based on your interest.  The goal of the TANF program is to assist in returning to work.  However, identifying your vocational interest and ensuring you have the educational requirements to succeed in your chosen career.

At the end of the assessment, you will have identified two career goals and be prepared to begin the classes necessary to achieve your career goals.

What If I Need to Take the Vocational TABE Assessment? 

If you still need to complete the TABE, you can schedule an appointment with your Case Advocate or register online and complete the Request for Vocational TABE Assessments Below: