ATI Educational Scholarships, Awards, and Youth Internship Programs
Advance Technical Institute™ Young Enterprising Summer Internships Program

The Advance Technical Institute™ Young Enterprising Summer Internships Program is a selective internship program offered annually to a high school student currently attending the Walnut Valley Unified School District (WVUSD). Applicants interested in gaining professional skills and hands-on career exploration experience while earning a stipend are encouraged to apply!

ATI Young Enterprising Summer Internships Program offers:

  1.     Professional skills training will occur during the summer months of June through      August of each annual year. 
  2.     60-hour internship 
  3.     Networking opportunities. Participants interact with industry professionals regularly.
  4.     Earn stipends during the 60-hour internship.

For more information

  1. Applicants: Internship Specialist George Cajas: Email or 951-534-6345.

  2. Applicants must read and comply with Program Requirements & Eligibility.

 ATI Educational Scholarships and Awards Information

  • ATI Student of the Year Scholarship Award
  • ATI Computer Scholarship Program
  • ATI Perfect Attendance Scholarship Award
  • ATI Word of the Week Challenge 
  • ATI Student of the Month Scholarship Award
  • ATI GED Scholarship 
  • ATI Top of the Class Scholarship Award

Advance Technical Institute™ “Student of the Year” Scholarship Award   

Each year Advance Technical Institute™ recognizes and delivers six “Student of the Year” Awards. These awards are given to students who have demonstrated excellent academic achievement, leadership ability, and focused on achieving career and educational goals. Each selected participant will receive a $250.00 check, a new Laptop, and a “Student of the Year” award.

Previous Student of the Year Award Recipients

  1. Mitch Marquez
  2. Selena Valdepena
  3. Lluvia Riley
  4. Marissa Rodriguez

Advance Technical Institute™ "Computer Scholarship" Program 

To qualify, must be a current Advance Technical Institute™ TANF student must be attending one of the following training locations:

  1. Riverside

  2. Banning

  3. San Bernardino

  4. Walnut

To apply:
Contact George Cajas, Program Coordinator, at george@ATI.School and complete the Advance Technical Institute™ Computer Scholarship Program Questionnaire.  

Advance Technical Institute™ “Perfect Attendance” Scholarship Award 
Each month Advance Technical Institute™ delivers UP TO $200 Incentives to participants who maintain perfect attendance with no late arrivals or early departures.  Students who maintain perfect attendance for recurring calendar days (Monday through Thursday) may be eligible for up to $120.00 per month.

Advance Technical Institute™ “Word of the Week” Challenge 

Each Friday a “Word of the Week” is placed on Advance Technical Institute™ social media sites to promote vocabulary enrichment and the use of the messaging system located within the Advance Technical Institute™ App. Students who wish to participate may message the “Word of the Week” in a sentence form using the Advance Technical Institute™ App which is available for download on Google Play and the Apple iTunes Stores.  The first participant whose messages will receive a $10.00 Starbucks gift card!

Advance Technical Institute™ “Student of the Month” Scholarship Award  

Each month Advance Technical Institute™ recognizes and delivers a “Student of the Month” Award. The selected participant will receive $50.00. This award is given to a student who attends weekly training sessions, reads and prepares for all assignments in advance of each session, and acts in a courteous and respectful manner towards all classmates and staff.

Advance Technical Institute™ GED Scholarships

Advance Technical Institute™ offers GED Incentives that provide for all GED Exam costs to be paid ($140.00), GED Ready Practice Tests costs (over $140.00), Instructional GED Materials, and a GED Award Incentive of $100.00, combined with the support of our GED Instructors, participants will soon be their way in successfully obtaining a GED.

Advance Technical Institute™ “Top of the Class” Scholarship Award 

Advance Technical Institute™ will recognize 1 student with the highest grade point average among his/her graduating class throughout the year. Advance Technical Institute™ will select and award a $50.00 Scholarship with a “Top of the Class” award at the end of each year.