March 7, 2018

I been attending ATI class since November And I have learned so much already I like the way the teacher interacts with all student very helpful and friendly I am grateful to be there I feel more motivated to do things now a day. Thank you, ATI, for being so great

Angel Soto
Riverside Student

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March 8, 2018

Taking these classes has been a great learning experience. The instructors and other students are awesome. It has helped me figure out what I want to accomplish for my future.

Cheyenne Walker
Riverside Student

Advance technical Institute™ Student reviews and Recommendations 

March 17, 2018

I've been attending ATI for a while now and I have no complaints with who I've been working with Sharon and George. They have been extremely helpful in my path on bigger and better things. The Skills I've learned in these classes and preparing me to bigger and better things have been such a blessing! I've been awarded for Records management and Procedures of theory administrations professions. Being recognized and completing something in life has been a true wake up call for me!

​Thank you, ATI, for giving me the right direction to self-sufficiency!


Elena Weaver
San Bernardino Student

March 8, 2018

Taking classes with the instructors at ATI has helped my self-confidence in areas that I feel I needed improvement in. I now have a better understanding in a lot of the computer programs and have had a lot of fun getting the hands-on experience with the awesome instructors! It helps when you have instructors who are confident and passionate about the subjects they teach! Thank you, George, Irma and all the ATI staff, for the wonderful knowledge!


Margaret Walker
Riverside Student